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Bespoke eLearning and Learning Management System Services

Flexible online learning, anytime and anywhere

Indegu is a dynamic team of customised eLearning development specialists, creating learning and instructional resources for industry and education.

We support our clients through the process of converting material into branded online content. If your goal is to make an impact – then we can help to create a course that is inspiring and will make a difference for those using it. Our solutions are affordable and engaging and will work for organisations of any size.

The services we provide reflect our extensive experience and give lasting results for your workforce and organisation. Whatever the eLearning goals are, whether you require fully online or a blended learning approach, we will support you all the way to help get the most out of your knowledge and maximise the benefits to your business and the intended audience.

eLearning services for inspired knowledge

Customised eLearning

Whether it is creating new custom training, converting your current content, or putting together a blended learning programme – we can create resources to complement your organisation.

Course Management

Using a cloud-based learning management platform will enable your organisation to easily deliver training material online. We can provide you with the complete holistic solution.


Our educational professionals can advise on your training strategy and help you create effective programmes to inspire and upskill your audience.

Explore the Powerful Benefits of Learning Online

Save time... save money... optimise resources

eLearning has a plethora of benefits for both the organisation and the employees. Having a cost effective, flexible training solution allows your employees to learn at their desk, at their own pace, whenever needed. It is also easy to access training on a range of devices, scalable as you grow.

A valuable resource for employees

Have training ready to go on the first day for new employees, welcoming them to your organisation and supplying them with all the essential information. Maximise knowledge retention on an ongoing basis – often people need information more than once before it is fully understood and remembered. All eLearning courses are suitable for the current workforce to ensure maximum engagement.

Cost effective solutions for business growth

eLearning provides a solid framework for growth by saving time in not having to schedule training or travel. Homeworking through 2020 has fast-tracked the trend for distanced learning and Indegu’s training solutions can ensure everyone gets the same information with consistent content throughout the organisation.

Giving your business the competitive edge

Online learning courses provide you with a competitive edge by offering flexible training delivery. You can also generate extra revenue for the business by utilising and selling training in subject expertise you may already have. eLearning is the ultimate environmentally friendly resource, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our Showcase

Dynamic online training courses

Bringing your custom eLearning training course to life will create engaging content, where the user will take the knowledge they have learnt as a valued experience.

How you portray your resource is just as important as the information itself, as learners need to feel inspired and engaged by their subject material. Content should be relevant and appropriate to them, presented in a suitable format for online learning. We offer a range of different service levels which are all branded to match your organisation – giving you a professional design familiar throughout your organisation and to your stakeholders.

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