Blended Learning

Discover the synergy in blended learning

Combined online learning with traditional teaching

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a combination of both traditional face to face training delivery and learning delivered online. Because all the learning materials are accessible online learners can work at their own pace while gaining the necessary knowledge and skills in a way that benefits their individual needs.

Blended learning gives you full flexibility in how your learning content is offered and presented to complement course requirements. It also gives added convenience for your audience in how and when they engage with your organisation while saving time and travel. In addition, your extended reach to new clients has no geographical limitations.

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How can I use blended learning to deliver training?

Your target audience might be your staff, customers or suppliers for the purpose of training or informational resource, eLearning can be used for any subject, examples include:

Prior to instructor led training…

  • As an introduction to a topic so that learners are familiar with the subject material before face to face delivery
  • To cover the theoretical part of the learning before practical activities take place
  • To cover mandatory elements of learning or any other key preparation required (e.g. health and safety, underpinning theory)

Following instructor led training…

  • Reinforce key learning points following the face to face delivery – most of us need to see information more than once to process it
  • To refresh content, so that learners can revisit and recap whenever required
  • As a tool for reflection to put into practice what has been learnt

Other uses…

  • If someone doesn’t attend a session it can be used as a catch-up so there is no knowledge gap
  • In between face to face session to keep interest and engagement
  • As a reduced version of a long course so that learners can make sure it’s the right subject for them

Every online training solution we create at Indegu is completely bespoke so that it fits perfectly to your business needs and operational structure. If you would like to find out how we can take your training to the next level, please contact us on 07792 652211 or alternatively email

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