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Staff Inductions – why are they important?

21 June 2018

Good induction training ensures new starters settle in quickly and happily to a productive role. Induction training is more than just giving your new employee core information, it’s about ensuring that they have all the basic but essential information.

 The benefits

There are many benefits to providing a well thought out induction for your new staff. It will help your employee settle in to your organisation and develop a strong understanding of what your company is about, it’s visions and values. You will want your new employee to feel comfortable in their new environment and settle in as quickly as possible.

 The essentials

There are also things that you must cover such as policy and procedure requirements and dealing with important information.

Online advantages

So, what are the advantages of having your induction on line?

  • The induction can be covered promptly on your new employees first day of arrival, rather than scheduling it for when key staff are available
  • You can carefully plan it so that it covers everything you need as effectively and accurately as possible
  • It’s easy for new staff to feel like they have information overload during those first few days – with an online version they are able to review it at any time
  • It will create a good first impression of your organisation when presented professionally and in an interactive and engaging way in line with your branding

It is cost efficient, once created it can be used as many times as required, rather than face to face delivery and the time taken by senior members of staff explain what their role is or what the department does every time you have new staff.

Whatever your induction or training requirement, we can help you tailor make it to match the needs of your business.