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Blended Learning

26 November 2018

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a combination of both traditional face to face training and online learning. It can be flexible in the way that you use it to suit your needs.

“Proven research has shown that it enhances both the effectiveness and efficiency of a meaningful learning experience.” Dept of Education

How might you use it?

Prior to instructor led training

  •  As an introduction to a topic so that learners have an understanding of the subject material before face to face delivery
  • To cover the theoretical part of the learning before practical activities take place
  • To cover mandatory elements of learning or any other key preparation required

Following instructor led training

  • It can be used after face to face delivery to reinforce key learning points
  •  To refresh content, so that learners can revisit and recap whenever required
  • As a tool for reflection to put in to practice what has been learnt

Other uses

  •  If someone misses the session it can be used so there is no knowledge gap
  • In between courses being delivered to keep interest and engagement
  •  As a slimmed down version of a long course so that learners can make sure it’s the right course for them

What are the advantages?

  • Full flexibility in how you offer and present your learning content
  • Convenience of how people engage with your organisation
  • Adding online options to your training program saves time and travel
  • Extended reach with no geographical limitations
  • It covers all learning styles using a variety of techniques

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