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Why consider customised e-learning?

14 November 2018

Why opt for customised e-learning?

Customised e-learning content is created just the way you want it – it gives you total flexibility on the way your content is portrayed. The content can be produced using your logo and colour pallet which gives your online training or promotional material a theme that reflects your brand and organisation image.

Whether you opt for fully online, or blended learning to complement instructor-led delivery, there are many advantages for your organisation and end users. 

Cost savings in the long term

With customised e-learning, the content belongs to you so there are no ongoing subscriptions or costs to pay. This gives you flexibility to use the content for as often and as long as it’s required.

If you are currently offering instructor-led training, offering part of the course online will give you a competitive edge – it’s often difficult for staff to take time off from their work commitments. You may be able to increase the number of times you run a course with no expense of recruiting additional staff.

How easy is it to implement?

Online information must be portrayed in a way it can be used for self-directed learning, without a tutor in the room the information must be clear and easy to follow. You may already have existing material which can be converted but it will require change to ensure it is suitable for online delivery. Training can be provided to assist you, or content can go through an editing process.

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Our team of digital learning professionals use their industry knowledge to create cutting edge resources, producing effective and engaging online content to fit your objectives.

From simple and functional interactive resources, to fully engaging immersive experiences, we take pride in creating well designed, professional content any organisation can be proud of for any size of project.

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