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E-learning Myth #1 – So there’s no need for an instructor?

29 January 2019


This is one of several myths that has been around for as long as e-learning has been in existence. It’s easy to understand why – after all, why would you need an instructor if you deliver your learning or informational material online?

If you go for a fully online course this can be the case, however, there are still opportunities for instructors to get involved. You can deliver a quality learning experience while keeping that personal approach by using a combination of instructor-led training methods alongside e-learning, this will ensure that your learners are well supported.

The Role of the Instructor

The role of the instructor continues to change and develop, and, with technology ever evolving there are plenty of new delivery methods to try. For instructors who are willing to learn new skills it can provide them with a wider variety of skills while creating a more varied job role.

These are just some of the ways instructors can be involved with online courses:

  • Facilitation of the learning including taking part in online discussions through forums, webinars or one-to-one online chats.
  • Online mentoring and support to keep learners on track through email and feedback tools
  • Learner visits – coaching and guidance on a one to one basis for inclusive learning
  • Providing feedback for work submitted, any assessment material or course completion
  • Course management – monitoring of learner progression using reporting tools

The introduction of e-learning allows different ways for an instructor to work with a learner, this important aspect of keeping communication going is crucial in learners feeling that they are well supported. They are often concerned that if they struggle there are no support options. By putting the right procedures in place at the beginning, the instructor will be clear on the expansion to their role, while the learner will feel well supported and able to succeed.

Will e-learning replace instructor-led delivery?

E-Learning can replace instructor-led delivery, however, many businesses using e-learning are making use of a blended approach where e-learning is used to complement classroom delivery while providing customers with more choice.