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18 January 2021

A new range of online training courses launches this month by e-learning specialists Indegu Ltd, with a different business critical topic being covered each month throughout 2021. Designed to support Worcestershire businesses get back on their feet, the first free training course is entitled ‘Creating A Great Marketing Plan’ and is in partnership with Prime Mix Marketing Ltd.

With their Head Office in Worcestershire, Indegu Ltd are reaching out to support businesses in a time when uncertainty radiates throughout many industries. Having a free monthly online training course to support the recovery of businesses in 2021 is designed to gain confidence and fill knowledge gaps for business owners. Each month will highlight areas of a business that can be redefined with a new strategy, that can deliver results for owners of businesses. Starting with marketing planning in January, the training courses throughout the year will then cover a wide range of topics such as HR, Internet and email security and workplace mental health.

Access the free online course here:

Tracey Marlow-Jones, Founder and Director of Indegu Ltd explains “There’s no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone with businesses feeling the impact of coronavirus from day one. We wanted to help businesses make a fresh start in 2021 with a positive look to the future and to harness the power of online training is a perfect way to increase your skill set and support both a short term and long-term business strategy. We wanted to make sure all of our courses are free of charge so that all businesses can benefit from online training, anytime and anywhere.”

Indegu who have partnered Prime Mix Marketing for their first online training course, have developed a practical approach to creating a marketing plan for 2021 with key goals and objectives. The aim is to help businesses develop a structured plan to focus sales and marketing activities to aid revenue and growth.

Johanna Morgan, Director at Prime Mix Marketing says “We fully support Indegu in their mission to provide a free proactive e-learning platform for businesses in 2021. Our partnership with them to deliver the first training resource has resulted in a new course that anyone can access to gain an insight into strategic marketing planning. Working together to support each other through training, businesses can once again have a brighter future built on knowledge with a clear direction.”

Indegu was founded in 2018 with over 20 years’ experience in adult education and managing eLearning professionals. Their rapid growth has been fuelled by the want and need for online learning and as specialists in the field of e-learning, their success is set to continue.

For more information about Indegu’s new training courses, please contact or alternatively visit