Our Team

Tracey Marlow-Jones

What do you enjoy most about being in the business?

It’s great to be able to oversee a project from start to finish. I enjoy being able to use my teaching experience to create learning content, and because the content is varied based on the clients we work for, I’m learning new things all the time from cyber security to first aid, you never know what’s next.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?

Helping to save someone’s life at the scene of an accident many years ago. More recently, taking the plunge by giving up a job and starting a new business.

What motivates you and what de-motivates you?

Professionally, clients choosing to work with me because of my industry knowledge and expertise is great, allowing me to create resources that clients can be proud of. As for de-motivation, ironing!

When not in the office:

My family keep me busy, having two boys who both spend a lot of time on a football pitch and a husband who coaches. I have a beagle, Bramble (walks are always nicer when the sun is shining). Oh, and a nice glass of gin at the weekend!